Isn’t that interesting.

Tumblr emailed me to tell me they deleted my post calling out the dude who sent me a rape threat.

But hasn’t banned the dude who sent me a rape threat, even though I reported him.

I guess Tumblr just wants to make their site safer for people who send rape threats than those who receive them.

I guess it’s not considered harassment to send rape threats, but if you name the person who sends you rape threats, you are harassing them.


Signal boost the  fuck out of this. Let’s make tumblr’s moderation team feel fucking ashamed for letting this happen. Let’s fucking make them question their worth and ability and place in the world and make them feel like the utter sacks of fucking shit they are until they fucking fix this and every case like this.

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The Challenges of Living with Invisible Pain or Illness


Well at last I feel like I have retired. Between then and now, I have been moving house, rescuing animals, housing children and packing up my previous life into a nice little package that is small and memorable. I have moved to the sea side like all good retired people should and am surrounded by retired people many of which use a mobility scooter - the problem is I am 15 years younger than them and seem to be more than a generation apart. They look at me suspiciously; apart from that I love it here. Big sandy beach, good community spirit, and a bigger house to fit everyone in. Winning.


One of my rescue dogs. I have found that walking a dog whilst in my motor scooter is great fun!


 I have just tried to fill in 2 more final forms that are absolutely necessary before I can retire. 1 is a request to retire the other is a leavers notification form. Request to retire. I fucking did that back in May 2012 and if they haven’t got one, I can’t be an ex employee!!!!!! The other form is for those that resign or are dismissed. WTF!

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Our team is excited to see Andy, formerly of Andy Draws Cats, now drawing cake designs!

Made With Paper by andydoesablog:

i always use paper to draw out my cake designs

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Donna's Close Shave

Right guys, Donna is having her head shaved for ADD+UP which is a charity that has been helping Daniel (our son) cope and socialise as he has ADD and Aspergers. They are a small charity that doesn’t benefit from the publicity large charities enjoy and so their funds are more meager than most. Its got to be worth 10p to make her look like a sad person!
  • Plot Twist: All exams get cancelled because the government finally realise that they are actually just marking your memory and not your intelligence and teenagers should be experiencing life and having a good time instead of sit revising bollocks they're not going to use in the future
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A little face peering up from a clod of frozen mud in Denmark has proved to be a unique find: the only known 3D Viking representation of a valkyrie.

The figurine, believed to date from about AD800, was found in December and has gone straight from conservation to display in the National Museum in Copenhagen. It will then be included in the exhibition on the Viking age that opens there in June and at the British Museum in 2014.

The legends of the valkyries – the ominous companions of the god Odin who descend on battlefields to choose which warriors will die – have been among the most enduring in Scandinavian folklore and literature. Later images, often inspired by Wagner’s music, tend to be romantic creatures with flowing locks and voluptuous bodies.

The thumb-sized figurine is made of gilded silver, with some black niello inlay decoration. The valkyrie is sturdily dressed, armed with a double-sided Viking sword and a round shield, her hair neatly twisted into a long ponytail forming a loop, suggesting it may have been worn as a pendant.

Four views of the valkyrie, the only 3D depiction from the Viking era known to exist Photograph: Asger Kjærgaard/Odense Bys Museer
Small, flat images of striding women, believed to represent valkyrie, have been found on many Danish Viking sites, but nothing like this figurine. Its survival is something of a miracle: the lower legs and feet are missing, and it was found among fragments of scrap metal, so somebody may have started to chop it up to be melted down to extract its silver content.

Mogens Bo Henriksen, an archaeologist and curator at the Odense city museum, on Funen island near the find site, described the figurine as “unique” and said: “There can hardly be any doubt that the figure depicts one of Odin’s valkyries as we know them from the sagas as well as from Swedish picture stones from the time around AD700,” he said.

The figurine was found at the end of December by Morten Skovsby, who was learning how to use a metal detector with three amateur archaeologists near the village of Hårby.

Henriksen hopes that after the figurine’s travels – during which it will be displayed near the largest Viking ship ever found – it will return to be exhibited in Odense.

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The more we find out the more we understand that Neanderthals were human and not savages